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Our Purpose

MADE Community Development Corporation, an Ohio nonprofit community development corporation (CDC), was established to focus and coordinate public and private efforts to grow our region into a more vibrant, successful and resilient place to live, learn, work and play.

Our vision is for the Region to be recognized globally as the place with:

  • the most innovative education system at all levels;

  • a growing, highly-skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers for decades;

  • the most supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem that produces & retains businesses of all types;

  • groups of informed, engaged and emotionally connected people who are actively shaping the community through servant leadership;

  • thriving and inclusive neighborhoods with place-making at their core;

  • more arts, culture and recreational amenities than our size warrants;

  • the healthiest community - physically and emotionally;

  • the most unconventional but impactful partnerships;

  • the best story to tell and storytellers telling it best.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Our Strategy

Our primary strategy is Community Development: increasing the value of neighborhoods, towns and cities for those who live, learn, work and play there. Community development is done by engaged members of the community-- residents and neighbors, employers and employees, private and public property owners, and institutions of every kind.

Community development means people making decisions about, and investments in, their block, town or region, to increase the likelihood they and their neighbors will prosper. New and expanding businesses, better places to live, safer and more appealing buildings and streets, responsive transportation, access to jobs, schools, and recreation, palpable physical and emotional health and resilience are among the tangible results of successful community development.

As a CDC, we are uniquely suited to the crucial role of representing, coordinating and communicating the non-partisan interests of the general public across organizational and governmental boundaries. We are an agile, 501(c)3 public charity, led by a three-person, volunteer board of directors who help craft and guide its mission; identify and secure its resources; enumerate its focus and strategic objectives; and oversee its volunteers and staff.

Our Approach

Often, people look to government to solve economic and public welfare imbalances. While government can play an important role in removing barriers and providing a catalyst for private sector solutions, maximizing beneficial outcomes requires a strategy that will engage the authority and resources of government, harness the power of free markets, but also leverage community participation from across the spectrum of public and private institutions.

Some of the most significant factors affecting broad-based participation are the capability and orientation of a community’s social and economic organizations--especially their capacity to instill confidence in the future.

Widespread knowledge of effective institutions grounded in openness, risk tolerance, appreciation for diversity, and confidence in the potential for mutual gain in both the public and private sectors are essential to creating the right environment for economic prosperity, but also to strengthening the community’s resilience to adversity in the face of constantly changing conditions.

To that end, implementation of a community development strategy that encourages both public and private sector engagement, each within the confines of its appropriate role, is a highly desired outcome and a fundamental objective of our plan.

Our Priorities

  1. Strengthen Existing Business

    • Business Resources, Advocacy, Downtown Vibrancy, Networking

  2. Attract Talent

    • Creative Placemaking, Culture / Arts / Nightlife, Housing Options, Community Attachment

  3. Diversify The Economy

    • Sector targeting, Real estate market, Local incentives, Networking

  4. Support Entrepreneurial Ventures

    • Business Resources, Advocacy, Capital, Education/ Mentoring

  5. Cultivate Servant Leadership

    • Leaders Programs, Ties to Community Organizations, Organized Volunteers, Education/ Mentoring

  6. Enhance Community Capacity

    • Schools, Housing, Diversity/Inclusiveness, Cultural/Recreational Activities, Health, Wellness & Resiliency

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Our Focus

In our first few years, we will focus on the first 2 of our 6 priorities.

  1. Implement programs and projects to strengthen existing business:

    • That provide access to resources, advocacy and valuable connections;

    • Are community driven because they're focused on the needs of the community;

    • Are optimally balanced and financially stable;

    • Begin with a vibrant downtown.

  2. In order to attract talent, promote the Region as a great place by:

    • Targeting younger workers;

    • Focusing on what they think is missing such as targeted housing styles, culture, arts and night life;

    • Promoting community and community attachment via storytelling.


The Mason Deerfield Community Development Corporation (MADECDC) was established in 2018 by the Mason Deerfield Chamber to focus and coordinate public and private efforts to grow our region in to a more dynamic, healthy, and resilient place to live, learn, work, and play.


It’s pretty typical for a Chamber of Commerce to engage in economic development activities in pursuit of creating wealth, but real societal advancement also depends a pervasive sense that success is broadly available and taking place for a significant portion of the community.  That belief is best cultivated by the presence of a robust, resilient economy with high functioning social institutions and well-connected residents.  This is the work of community development, which is much less typical for chambers, but perfectly suited to a CDC.  Because economic and community development are interdependent and reinforce each other, our region needs both to compete with the best places in the world.  So here we find ourselves: We need each other. We need partnerships. Be all in and join us.

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