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Who We Are

MADECDC is a non-profit community development corporation. Our mission is to strengthen the MADE region in-to a more dynamic, healthy, and resilient place to live, learn, work and play.

MADECDC builds on the legacy of two organizations that came together in 2018 to make the community a better place by effectively resourcing efforts that support strategic community and economic development efforts.  Those two organizations are the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce (MADE Chamber) and Downtown Mason Association, Inc (DMA).  

Recognizing that a Chamber of Commerce engages in activities as they relate to economic development (the process of creating wealth), for a community to be economically viable, it also needs community development (the process of making the community a better place).  Community and economic development are interdependent and reinforce each other, so in order to compete with the best places in the world, communities must have both.  

Together, DMA and the Chamber determined a vehicle for community stakeholders to collaborate with a focus on coordination of partners could lead to remarkable outcomes for the entire MADE region. 

Programs and activities of MADECDC will be accessible at the MADE Chamber office since they share a common thread to strengthen the community and improve the economy of the MADE region. The organization is led by a three person volunteer Board of Directors. The MADE Chamber CEO also serves as the MADECDC CEO for operational efficiencies. 


John Kramer

Mason Resident



Randy Kuvin

Flagel Huber Flagel

Vice Chair/ Treasurer


Scott Jones




Sherry Taylor



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